What do we sound like?

Click here to see our latest video - Helen singing Skyfall (videoed at Chepstow Race Course gig).

Here's a Youtube video based on the sorts of music we play at evening events.

This is a compilation which gives you some idea of what we sound like, and the types of music we cover.  In addition to those featured in the video, we also play music from the 1930s era to the present day including modern classics from Adele, Pink and Amy Winehouse.  

We can also provide solos, duets and trios of vocal music which are entirely suitable for a range of wedding venues.

band at RS-2

All of the numbers you hear on this site were recorded live, and not assembled in a recording studio over several weeks!!  We can (and do) play them live!

Just as a taster of some of the other things we play, here's a video of Jan and Dave performing Making Whoopie, and Hayley singing the classic jazz standard Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered)

We hope you like them!


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