What do we play?


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That's a good question...

And the answer is: whatever you'd like us to play!

Perfect Recall plays an eclectic mix of music, in a variety of musical styles: from the golden era of 30’s and 40’s swing to the halcyon days of 60’s and 70’s pop; from cool jazz to earthy blues; from the sacred to the sophistication of classic close-harmony ballads. 

And if that sounds a wide range - it is!  For a small sample see the sidebar. 

Our objective is to make your event exactly what you'd want it to be.   Performing as soloists, as a duet, a trio, or as a band, we will put on the type of performance you want.  

For example,  suppose you were organising a wedding.  You want some sacred music sung during the signing of the register?  What would you like?  Something from a favourite opera?  Some devotional piece?  Something unusual to entertain your guests?  We can do all that.

And then your reception - do you want music while your guests arrive?  Music while you're waiting to be seated?  Some relaxing music between the meal and the speeches?

And the evening?  If you want to dance the night away - the picture above says it all!  And even better, with sufficient notice, we can incorporate your favourite special song into our performance.

As we said - what would you like?  It's your day, after all...

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